Mikael Cemetery


You don’t come to this place below Mikael Church for the graves, but for the excellent views of the old town from the road below them. Photography is best in the afternoon. A contract bajaj should cost Birr30. If the driver doesn’t know it, tell him Deker Condominium.

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1. Tomb of Sheikh Abadir

0.43 MILES

The tomb of Sheikh Abadir, Harar’s legendary founder and second emir, is an important pilgrimage site. His tomb still attracts worshippers seeking…

2. Tomb of Said Ali Hamdogn

0.57 MILES

Said Ali Hamdogn was an important 12th-century religious leader. His whitewashed tomb can easily be visited; it looks a little like a miniature mosque…

3. Old Town

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Harar’s old walled town (known as Jugal) is a fascinating place that begs exploration. The thick, 5m-high walls running 3.5km around town were erected in…

4. Gidir Magala

0.61 MILES

Gidir Magala (previously known as the Muslim market) is the main market and the city’s biggest butchery. Watch how the locals hide their meat purchases…

7. Mekina Girgir

0.64 MILES

Leading southeast from Feres Magala, this narrow, atmospheric street is jam-packed with tailors’ workshops, which is how it came to be called ‘Sewing…

8. Arthur Rimbaud Center

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Near the middle of the walled city, and often mistakenly called Rimbaud’s House, is this museum dedicated to French poet Arthur Rimbaud with a series of…