Bastion Passages

Old Town

Tours exploring the 17th-century Swedish-built tunnels connecting the bastions that ring the town walls depart from the Kiek in de Kök tower. Over the years, they've been used as fallout shelters, homeless refuges and punk rehearsal spaces. Bookings are required, and warm clothes (it's about 10°C, or 50°F, down there) and sensible shoes are recommended. Regular tours finish in the Carved Stone Museum, showcasing tablets, statues and other historical lapidary work from Tallinn.

If you plan on visiting Kiek in de Kök and the nearby Maiden, Stable and Gate towers, buy a 'Whole-Museum Ticket', admitting you to the lot (adult/reduced €14/8).

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Nearby Old Town attractions

1. Kiek in de Kök

This stout, five-storey cannon tower was one of Tallinn’s most formidable defences when built in the 15th century. Its name (amusing to English ears) is…

2. Niguliste Museum


Dating from the 13th century, the imposing St Nicholas' Church (Niguliste kirik) was badly damaged by Soviet bombers in 1944 and a fire in the 1980s, but…

3. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral


The positioning of this magnificent, onion-domed Russian Orthodox cathedral (completed in 1900) at the heart of the country's main administrative hub was…

4. Adamson-Eric Museum

0.11 MILES

Erich Carl Hugo Adamson, a towering figure of 20th-century art in Estonia, is celebrated in this reverent little museum in a historic house with which he…

5. Freedom Square

0.12 MILES

This large paved plaza, once the staging ground for 'spontaneous' displays of Soviet enthusiasm, is now used for summer concerts, skateboarding, impromptu…

6. Toompea Castle

0.13 MILES

This Janus-faced pile turns a sugar-pink baroque facade towards Toompea, and a stern 14th-century Livonian visage to the sea and intervening suburbs…

8. Linda Hill

0.16 MILES

Shaded by the 250-year-old linden trees of Lindamäe Park, this small mound near the top of Toompea is named after Linda, wife of Kalev, the heroic first…