28 July 2015: Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK - Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum, Victoria Square.

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Regeneration, renewal and grand-scale construction continue apace in Britain's second-largest city. A state-of-the-art library, gleaming shopping centre atop revitalised New St station and beautifully restored Victorian buildings are just some of the successful initiatives of its Big City Plan, following on from the striking Mailbox and Bullring shopping malls and the iconic Selfridges building's 'bubblewrapped' facade. Work is underway on extensions to the Metro (light rail/tram) network, and on the centrepiece Paradise development's new hotels, public spaces, and glitzy residential and commercial buildings, with final completion due in 2025.


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The first major solo exhibition in Europe by artist Mit Jai Inn (b.1960, Chiang Mai) at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. A leading figure of contemporary art in Thailand, Mit is known for his colourful artworks that merge painting and sculpture. Dreamworld features recent and new works made for Ikon which embody his vision of art “as a utopian dream within everyday life” and collective hopes for a brighter future..“When I paint, it’s not only with my eyes, but with all of my senses: touch, smell, movement. The whole entity.” PERMISSIONS FROM ARTIST GIVEN

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