The Midlands & the Marches

Friar St was largely chock-a-block with historic architecture until the iconoclastic 1960s when much was demolished, including the lovely medieval Lich Gate. Some creaky old almshouses survive and Greyfriars was saved in the nick of time by the National Trust, offering the chance to poke around a timber-framed merchant's house from 1480. It's full of atmospheric wood-panelled rooms and is backed by a pretty walled garden.

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1. Worcester Cathedral

0.16 MILES

Rising above the River Severn, Worcester's majestic cathedral is the final resting place of Magna Carta signatory King John. The strong-legged can scale…

2. Commandery

0.22 MILES

The town's history museum is housed in a splendid Tudor building that served as King Charles II's headquarters during the Battle of Worcester. Engaging…

3. Royal Worcester Porcelain Works

0.23 MILES

Up there with the country's most famous potteries, the Royal Worcester porcelain factory gained an edge over its rivals by picking up the contract to…

4. The Firs Elgar's Birthplace

2.83 MILES

England's most popular classical composer is celebrated at the humble country cottage where Edward Elgar was born in 1857. From mid-2018 the museum will…

5. Morgan Motor Company

6.08 MILES

Morgan has been handcrafting elegant sports cars since 1909. You can see the mechanics at work on two-hour guided tours of the unassuming shedlike…

6. Great Malvern Priory

7.23 MILES

The 11th-century Great Malvern Priory is packed with remarkable features, from original Norman pillars to surreal modernist stained glass. The choir is…

7. Malvern Museum of Local History

7.26 MILES

Straddling Abbey Rd in the grand Priory Gatehouse (c 1470), the town museum offers a thorough exploration of Great Malvern's claims to fame, including…

8. St Michael & All Angels

13.65 MILES

The 12th-century church of St Michael and All Angels has a splendid 18th-century spire and tower divided from its medieval nave.