Dover Museum


By far the most enthralling exhibit in the town's three-storey museum is an astonishing 3600-year-old Bronze Age boat, discovered here in 1992. Vaunted as the world's oldest-known seagoing vessel, it measures a thumping 9.5m by 2.4m and is kept in a huge, low-lit, climate-controlled glass case.

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Nearby Dover attractions

1. Banksy Brexit Mural - removed

0.08 MILES

Despite voting leave, the poor port town of Dover is possibly the Southeast community set to suffer most post-Brexit. It was perhaps for that reason that…

2. Roman Painted House

0.08 MILES

A crumbling 1960s bunker is the unlikely setting for some of the most extensive, if stunted, Roman wall paintings north of the Alps. Several scenes depict…

3. Dover Castle

0.49 MILES

Occupying top spot, literally and figuratively, in Dover’s townscape, this most impressive of castles was built to bolster the country’s weakest point at…

4. Roman Lighthouse


This Roman-era lighthouse is Britain's oldest standing building and dates from around AD 50.

5. Saxon Church

0.52 MILES

The restored Saxon Church of St Mary in Castro can be found up in the castle.

6. Secret Wartime Tunnels

0.53 MILES

The biggest draw at Dover Castle is the secret wartime tunnels. The claustrophobic chalk-hewn passageways were excavated during the Napoleonic Wars and…

7. South Foreland Lighthouse

3.09 MILES

From the Langdon Cliffs tourist office, follow the stony path east along the clifftops for a bracing 2-mile walk to the stout Victorian South Foreland…

8. St Margaret’s Bay

3.65 MILES

A mile further along the clifftop trail from the South Foreland Lighthouse, you will reach the delightful village of St Margaret’s Bay, a gap in the chalk…