Must-see attractions in Dover

  • Dover Castle with tourists entering.

    Dover Castle


    Occupying top spot, literally and figuratively, in Dover’s townscape, this most impressive of castles was built to bolster the country’s weakest point at…

  • Banksy Brexit Mural - removed


    Despite voting leave, the poor port town of Dover is possibly the Southeast community set to suffer most post-Brexit. It was perhaps for that reason that…

  • Secret Wartime Tunnels


    The biggest draw at Dover Castle is the secret wartime tunnels. The claustrophobic chalk-hewn passageways were excavated during the Napoleonic Wars and…

  • Roman Painted House


    A crumbling 1960s bunker is the unlikely setting for some of the most extensive, if stunted, Roman wall paintings north of the Alps. Several scenes depict…

  • Dover Museum


    By far the most enthralling exhibit in the town's three-storey museum is an astonishing 3600-year-old Bronze Age boat, discovered here in 1992. Vaunted as…

  • Roman Lighthouse


    This Roman-era lighthouse is Britain's oldest standing building and dates from around AD 50.

  • Saxon Church


    The restored Saxon Church of St Mary in Castro can be found up in the castle.

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