Carn Euny

West Cornwall

This Iron Age village is one of only a few in Penwith to have survived the centuries relatively intact. The remains of several circular huts can still be seen, along with a fougou – an underground passage lined with stone. Examples of other fougous can be found all over Cornwall, but the one at Carn Euny is one of the largest, measuring nearly 20m long. No-one is quite sure what they were used for.

The site is free to access, but it's very tricky to find. Having an OS map makes things a lot easier. Head west from Penzance on the A30 to Land’s End, and when you reach the village of Drift, look out for the brown ‘Carn Euny’ sign on the right, and follow the minor road from here for another 3 miles, taking the turns signed to Brane and Carn Euny. There’s limited parking near the farmhouses at Brane, from where the village is about a 500m walk.

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