Located between the castle and the cathedral, the triple-arched, battlement-topped Exchequergate, where the church's tenants paid their rent, dates from the 14th century. A black-and-white chequered cloth was used to help count the payments, giving rise to the term exchequer.

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1. Lincoln Cathedral

0.03 MILES

Towering over the city like a medieval skyscraper, Lincoln's magnificent cathedral is a breathtaking representation of divine power on earth. The great…

2. Lincoln Castle

0.07 MILES

One of the first castles erected by the victorious William the Conqueror, in 1068, to keep his new kingdom in line, Lincoln Castle offers awesome views…

3. Bishops' Palace

0.08 MILES

Beside Lincoln Cathedral lie the time-ravaged but still imposing ruins of the 12th-century Bishops' Palace, gutted by parliamentary forces during the…

4. Priory Gate

0.15 MILES

Built in 1825, this is the Victorian replacement for the medieval gate that stood here until 1815, when the original Roman gate was torn down as it was…

5. Collection

0.16 MILES

Archaeology bursts into life at this museum, with loads of hands-on displays. Kids can handle artefacts and dress up in period costume. Check out the…

6. Usher Gallery

0.16 MILES

A handsome Edwardian building decorated with carvings of cow skulls houses an impressive collection of works by greats such as Turner, Lowry and English…

7. Newport Arch


Rough-edged Newport Arch was built by the Romans in the 3rd century AD, and is the oldest arch in Britain that still has traffic passing through it.

8. Pottergate

0.23 MILES

Pottergate was once part of the cathedral's medieval walls, forming the southeastern gateway.