Al Hayz Water Education Center

Top choice in Bahariya Oasis

This water museum is a real treat, with an informative introduction to Egypt's water resources and problems, the geology of the Western Desert, traditional agriculture and architecture in the oases, and what needs to be done to deal with water shortage. The museum is housed in a wonderful building, an example of sustainable architecture, in basalt and rammed earth.

Tours are given in Arabic and English by volunteers. This is a welcome break when visiting the small oasis of Al Hayz between Farafra and Bahariya, next to the Ain Gomma.

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1. Ain Gomma

0.21 MILES

Ain Gomma is one of the most magnificent springs around. Cool, crystal-clear water gushes into this small pool surrounded by the vast desert expanse, and…

2. Black Desert

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The change in the desert floor from beige to black, 50km south of Bawiti, signals the beginning of the Black Desert. Formed by the erosion of the…

3. Temple of Alexander

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The Temple of Alexander, southwest of Bawiti, is one of the few places in Egypt where Alexander the Great’s cartouche has been found. Despite this fame,…

4. Qarat Al Hilwa

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5. Temple of Ain Al Muftella

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6. Golden Mummies Museum

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Only 10 of Bahariya's richly decorated cache of 10,000 mummies are exhibited here. While the motifs are formulaic and the work is second-rate, the painted…

7. Qarat Qasr Salim

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This small mound amid the houses of Bawiti is likely built upon centuries of debris. There are two well-preserved 26th-dynasty tombs here, which were…

8. Tomb of Zed Amun Ef Ankh

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The rock-cut Tomb of Zed Amun Ef Ankh is a fascinating glimpse of Bahariya in its heyday. It appears that Zed Amun Ef Ankh was not a government official…