Sha'ab Abu Nuhas


More than a few ships have come a-cropper on this reef, just north of Shedwan Island, so if you're a wreck diving fan, this reef should be high on your list. The two best wrecks to explore here are the Carnatic, which sunk in 1869 while on its way to India carrying a large cargo of gold and wine, and the Giannis D, which sunk in 1983. Depth: 5m to 32m. Rating: intermediate to advanced. Access: boat.

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1. Siyul Kebira

3.23 MILES

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2. Shedwan Island

6.32 MILES

There is some fabulous diving off this island, which sits in the straits between Hurghada and Sharm. Pilot whales and large pods of dolphins have been…

3. Sha’ab Al Erg


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4. Bluff Point

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5. Small Crack

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7. Dunraven

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The Dunraven sank in 1876 on its way from Bombay to Newcastle. Today the wreck, found at the southeast tip of Sha’ab Mahmud, is encrusted in coral and…

8. Stingray Station

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The stingrays this dive site is named after are most commonly seen in March and April, but there are plenty of other attractions year-round at this…