Small Crack

Sharm El Sheikh

Turtles, leopard sharks and reef sharks are sometimes spotted zipping about the long outer reef wall here, which is encrusted with gorgonian corals. This site is often dived as part of a Dunraven trip. Strong currents here can sometimes mean diving is not possible. Depth: 5m to 22m. Rating: intermediate to advanced. Access: boat.

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Nearby Sharm El Sheikh attractions

1. Dunraven

4.76 MILES

The Dunraven sank in 1876 on its way from Bombay to Newcastle. Today the wreck, found at the southeast tip of Sha’ab Mahmud, is encrusted in coral and…

2. Alternatives

7.51 MILES

Flat-topped reefs called 'ergs' harbour plentiful fish. Rough waters or southerly currents can reduce visibility here to nada. Depth: 10m to 15m. Rating:…

3. Stingray Station

7.58 MILES

The stingrays this dive site is named after are most commonly seen in March and April, but there are plenty of other attractions year-round at this…

4. Ras Mohammed National Park

9.49 MILES

The waters surrounding this peninsula, 20km west of Sharm El Sheikh, are home to spectacular coral reefs, including the world-famous Shark and Jolanda…

5. Marsa Bareika Beach

10.3 MILES

Yellow arrows point the way to the sandy beaches and calm waters of Marsa Bareika, an excellent spot for snorkelling and safe for children.

6. Shark & Jolanda Reefs

10.43 MILES

This two-for-one special off the southern tip of Ras Mohammed is among the most famous dives in the Red Sea and rated one of the top five dives in the…

7. Khashaba Beach

11.06 MILES

From Ras Mohammed visitors centre, a pink-signposted track leads to pretty Khashaba Beach, which has a designated camping area (permit necessary) nearby.

8. Old Quay Beach

11.66 MILES

Old Quay Beach is perfect for snorkelling; it has a spectacular vertical reef teeming with fish just offshore.