Ain Khudra


The spring of Ain Khudra oasis is where Miriam was supposed to have been struck by leprosy for criticising Moses.

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Nearby Sinai attractions

1. Gebel Barga

7.75 MILES

The climb up Gebel Barga is quite tricky but the summit affords stunning views over the mountains of eastern Sinai.

2. Ain Umm Ahmed

11.91 MILES

Picturesque Ain Umm Ahmed is the largest oasis in eastern Sinai, with lots of palms, Bedouin houses and a famous stream that becomes an icy river in the…

3. Ain Al Furtega

13.41 MILES

This pretty palm-filled oasis is a relaxing spot and makes for a nice add-on if you're exploring the desert scenery of the region. It's 16km northwest of…

4. Nuweiba Beach

17.31 MILES

This rather lovely sweep of golden sand straddles the coastline just south of Nuweiba City. It's the widest strip of beach in the Nuweiba area so is good…

5. Dune

17.48 MILES

This large sand dune marks the end of Nuweiba City and the beginning of the Tarabin beachfront area. If you're in the Tarabin area, it's a good swimming…

6. Tarabin Beach

17.71 MILES

Tarabin's skinny strip of beach is a mix of golden sand and small pebbles and has a decent snorkelling reef just offshore.

7. Ras Mumlach

18.17 MILES

A sloping reef about 30km south of Nuweiba interspersed with enormous boulders and excellent table corals. Depth: 10m to 25m. Rating: intermediate. Access…

8. Sinker

18.46 MILES

The Sinker is a massive submerged mooring buoy designed for cargo ships, which was sunk by mistake in the mid-1990s. Since then it has developed into a…