Parque La Alameda


Breaking up the New Town's sea of concrete and glass is this welcome splash of greenery, containing the Quito Observatory and a small boating lake. A few blocks further northeast the streets give way to another large park, Parque El Ejido, across from the Museo Nacional, making this area a decent picnicking spot.

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1. Quito Observatory

0.04 MILES

Opened by President García Moreno in 1864, this four-sided observatory is the oldest on the continent. It houses a museum of 19th-century pendulums,…

2. National Assembly

0.25 MILES

Between Parque Alameda and Parque El Ejido stands the National Assembly building, the equivalent of the Houses of Parliament or the Capitol Building. A…

3. Basílica del Voto Nacional

0.36 MILES

On a hill in the northeastern part of the Old Town looms this massive Gothic church, Quito's largest, built over several decades beginning in 1892. Rather…

4. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo


Inside a beautifully restored former military hospital, this excellent museum showcases cutting-edge multimedia exhibits as well as top modern-art shows…

5. Parque Itchimbia

0.46 MILES

Sitting high on a hill above the Old Town, this grassy park boasts magnificent views of the city, running and cycle tracks and a children's playground. It…

6. Parque El Ejido

0.47 MILES

Northeast of La Alameda, the pleasant, tree-filled Parque El Ejido is a popular spot for impromptu games of soccer and volleyball. The park teems with…

7. Museo Camilo Egas

0.53 MILES

Inside this restored colonial home is a small but iconic collection of work by painter Camilo Egas (1899–1962), Ecuador’s first indigenista (indigenous…

8. Museo Nacional

0.55 MILES

Located in the circular, glass-plated, landmark building of the Casa de la Cultura is one of the country’s largest collections of Ecuadorian art, with…