Daily Market


Next to the Animal Market, this large, covered complex just west of the Panamericana houses the vendors who previously plied their trade in a messy overflow on the city's streets (around Montalvo and Jaramillo). Everything from exotic highland fruits and baggies of ground spices to mops and weaving tools is sold here, and on Saturdays it explodes with even more raw foods. It also features a food court where you can chow down with locals.

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Nearby Otavalo attractions

1. Crafts Market

0.43 MILES

Plaza de Ponchos, the nucleus of the crafts market, is filled every day with vendors selling woolen goods, such as rugs, tapestries, blankets, ponchos,…

2. Cementerio

0.78 MILES

Each Monday and Thursday morning, groups of Otavaleños summit the Calle de las Almas (Street of Souls) to this hillside cemetery, sharing meals, songs,…

3. El Lechero

1.17 MILES

While this tree outside Otavalo is famous for its magical healing powers, it's much more reliable as a great picnic spot, romantic or otherwise, and for…

4. Parque Cóndor

1.96 MILES

Get an up-close view of Andean condors, as well as eagles, owls, falcons and hawks, at this Dutch-owned foundation, which rehabilitates these and other…

5. Cascadas de Peguche

2.25 MILES

Most visitors head out this way to see the Cascadas de Peguche, a series of falls sacred to locals – visitors are still welcome, however, during Inti…

6. Cascada de Taxopamba

3.02 MILES

Just past Casa Mojanda on the road up to Lagunas de Mojanda is the well-signposted trailhead for Cascada de Taxopamba. It's about a half-hour walk to…

7. Tahuantinsuyo Weaving Workshop

3.17 MILES

Jose Rafael Maldonado, Miguel Andrango's son-in-law, now runs the day-to-day operations of this internationally famous weaving family business, in its…