Cuenca, Ecuador - December 24,2018: Christmas parade Pase Del Niño Viajero (Traveling Child) in honor of baby Jesus. Group of folk dancers in costumes Otavalo and Cayambe people at the historical center of city



Otavalo's market is legendary, but it shouldn't be the only reason you come to this charming Andean minicity. The buzzing little burg, whose sidewalks are embossed in red, yellow and blue (the colors of the national flag), is a perfect jumping-off point for regional hikes (Cotacachi, Peguche) or train trips (Ibarra, Salinas), and has enough interesting restaurants and cafes to sate your taste buds for a few days. Two days a week the cemetery springs to life as residents honor their dead with vibrant flowers and hearty meals. There's a brewpub in town and a few fun weekend bars too. And, oh yes, that market.


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