Must see attractions in Sosúa

  • Sights in Sosúa

    Playa Sosúa

    Playa Sosúa is the main beach, and practically a city within a city. Located on a crescent-shaped bay with calm, turquoise waters, this narrowing (due to erosion) stretch of sand is backed by palm trees and a seemingly endless row of souvenir vendors, restaurants, bars and even manicurists. The crowds of Dominican families and long-term visitors staying in local hotels and condos make this lively beach a great place for people-watching.

  • Sights in Sosúa

    Museo de la Comunidad Judía de Sosúa

    This museum has exhibits with Spanish and English text describing the Jewish presence in the DR. At the multinational Evian conference in 1938 the DR was the only country to officially accept Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi repression in Germany (part of Trujillo's efforts to whiten the DR's population). If the gate is locked during opening hours, ring the number listed above – but don't get your hopes up.

  • Sights in Sosúa

    Playa Alicia

    An ordinary and wide patch of brownish-yellow sand (no shade) lapped by calm waters, Playa Alicia has steadily grown and been 'replenished' since its creation nearly a decade ago. Whether this has been done in an environmentally sound manner is disputed. Steps leading down to the beach can be found at the end of Calle Dr Rosen in Parque Mirador Sur, a small paved plaza with benches and a cafe kiosk.