Sæby Havn

Northern Jutland

The photogenic, yacht-filled harbour is home to fish-peddling restaurants and ice-cream kiosks. For those disappointed with the physical size of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Sæby’s symbol of protection, the Lady from the Sea statue, has presence and stature. It’s based on Henrik Ibsen’s play of the same name, which he wrote after a summer spent in and around Sæby.

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1. Sæby Kirke


Sæby Kirke is all that remains of a four-winged Carmelite monastery dating from 1470. Its visually imposing exterior is coupled with an interior that…

2. Algade

0.21 MILES

Soak up Sæby's living history with a walk along the town’s oldest street. Algade links the small museum with the church and is lined with gardens, half…

3. Sæby Museum

0.37 MILES

The town's small, sweet museum occupies a 17th-century timber-frame house. Expect to see an amber collection, a 1920s classroom and a classically…

4. Bangsbo

6.05 MILES

It’s worth exploring the Bangsbo area, 3km south of the town centre. The main drawcard is Bangsbo Museum, an old country estate with an interesting mix of…

5. Råbjerg Mile

22.72 MILES

Denmark’s largest expanse of drifting sand dunes, Råbjerg Mile is an amazing natural phenomenon. These undulating, 40m-high hills are fun to explore and…

6. Tilsandede Kirke Tower

26.27 MILES

The photogenic whitewashed tower is all that still stands of Den Tilsandede Kirke (the sand-covered church). You can enter and climb the stairs for a…

7. Den Tilsandede Kirke

26.28 MILES

The 'sand-covered church', built during the late 14th century, was once the region's biggest church. It fell victim to a sand drift that began in the 17th…

8. Skagen Kystmuseet

26.5 MILES

Evocatively presented, this open-air museum, 200m southwest of the harbour, depicts Skagen’s maritime history and gives an insight into the traditional…