Jewish Cemetery


The 17th-century burial ground on Hrádek, about 600m north of the Jewish Quarter, is the largest in the country, with more than 11,000 graves. The oldest dates back to 1641.

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1. Rear (New) Synagogue


Dating from 1669, this Renaissance synagogue is the highlight of the Jewish Quarters with its beautifully restored frescoes and a wonderful historical…

2. St Procopius' Basilica

0.38 MILES

There was a chapel on this site way back in the early 12th century, when the church was connected to a Benedictine monastery. Although the church has been…

3. Church of the Holy Spirit

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6. Holy Name of Jesus Church

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Watching over the square are the twin towers of the baroque Holy Name of Jesus Church, completed in 1667 as part of the surrounding Jesuit college.

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