Telč Chateau


Telč's sumptuous Renaissance chateau guards the northern end of the Telč peninsula. The chateau was rebuilt from the original Gothic structure in the 16th century and remains in fine fettle, with immaculately tended lawns and beautifully kept interiors. In the ornate Chapel of St George (kaple sv Jiří) are the remains of the chateau's builder, nobleman Zachariáš z Hradce.

Entry to the chateau is by guided tour only. Two main tours are available. Route A (about 50 minutes) passes through the Renaissance halls and includes the chateau's most impressive interior, the Golden Hall. Route B (around 40 minutes) explores the castle's residence rooms on the 1st floor, last occupied by the Podstatský family of Liechtenstein in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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