Hunt Kastner


This small gallery highlights some of the best up-and-coming Czech artists working in the visual arts, including painting, photography and video. The owners are enthusiastic and happy to talk about local art with walk-ins.

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1. TV Tower

0.19 MILES

Prague’s tallest landmark – and depending on your tastes, either its ugliest or its most futuristic feature – is the 216m-tall TV Tower, erected between…

2. Miminka (David Černý Sculpture)

0.19 MILES

Perhaps David Černý's most famous public artwork is the 10 giant crawling babies with slots for faces that appear to be exploring the outside of the TV…

3. Riegrovy sady

0.34 MILES

Vinohrady’s largest and prettiest park was designed as a classic English garden in the 19th century, and it’s still a good place to put down a blanket and…

5. Army Museum

0.36 MILES

On the way up Žižkov Hill you will find this grim-looking barracks of a museum, with a rusting T34 tank parked outside. It's for military enthusiasts only…

6. Jan Žižka Statue

0.39 MILES

A colossal statue of Jan Žižka, a 15th-century Hussite general and hero of Czech history, was erected on top of Vítkov Hill in 1950, commanding superb…

7. National Monument

0.42 MILES

While this monument's massive functionalist structure has all the elegance of a nuclear power station, the interior is a spectacular extravaganza of…

8. Chapel of St Roch

0.54 MILES

The 17th-century Chapel of St Roch is in the northwestern corner of Olšany Cemetery.