While it's not as swanky as its modern Bermuda HQ, the original Bacardí factory, which opened in 1868, oozes history. Spanish-born founder Don Facundo dreamt up the world-famous Bacardí bat symbol after finding a colony of the winged mammals living in the factory's rafters. The Cuban government continues to make traditional rum here – the signature Ron Caney brand as well as Ron Santiago and Ron Varadero.

The Bacardí family, however, fled the island post-Revolution. In total, the factory knocks out nine million liters of rum a year, 70% of which is exported. There are currently no factory tours, but the Barrita de Ron Havana Club, a tourist bar attached to the factory, offers rum sales and tastings. A great billboard opposite the station announces Santiago's modern battle cry: Rebelde ayer, hospitalaria hoy, heroica siempre (Rebellious yesterday, hospitable today, heroic always).