Calle José A Saco

Santiago de Cuba

A pedestrian-only street stretching from Plaza de Marte to the Paseo Alameda on the waterfront. Heaps of locals browse the shops and restaurants. For extra credit, detour on to pedestrian alley Tamayo Fleites (aka Callejon del Carmen), an ambient three-block stretch between Félix Peña and Pío Rosado, where you'll find stands selling crafts and souvenirs.

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1. Museo de Ambiente Histórico Cubano

0.14 MILES

The oldest house still standing in Cuba, this arresting early colonial abode dating from 1522 was the official residence of the island's first governor,…

2. Iglesia de San Francisco

0.15 MILES

This crumbling three-nave, 18th-century ecclesiastical gem is situated three blocks north of Parque Céspedes.

3. Balcón de Velázquez

0.15 MILES

The alfresco Balcón de Velázquez is the site of an old Spanish fort. It offers ethereal views over the terracotta-tiled roofs of the Tivolí neighborhood…

4. Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen

0.16 MILES

You can dig deeper into Santiago's ecclesiastical history in this tumbledown construction, a hall church dating from the 1700s that is the final resting…

5. Ayuntamiento

0.16 MILES

The neoclassical Ayuntamiento was erected in the 1950s using a design from 1783 and was once the site of Hernán Cortés’ mayoral office. Fidel Castro…

6. Parque Céspedes

0.17 MILES

Archetype for romantic Cuban street life, Parque Céspedes is a throbbing kaleidoscope of walking, talking, hustling, flirting, guitar-strumming humanity…

7. Maqueta de la Ciudad

0.18 MILES

Cuba is obsessed with scale city models, and Santiago, with this incredibly detailed maqueta, is no exception. Interesting historical and architectural…