Parque Céspedes

Granma Province

Manzanillo's central square is notable for its priceless glorieta (gazebo), an imitation of the Patio de los Leones in Spain's Alhambra, where Moorish mosaics, a scalloped cupola and arabesque columns set off a theme that's replicated elsewhere. Nearby, a permanent statue of Carlos Puebla, Manzanillo's famous homegrown troubadour, sits contemplatively on a bench. Cruise by on Sunday evenings around 8pm, when traditional live music provides the soundtrack for rollerskating kids and dancing oldsters alike.

On the eastern side of Parque Céspedes is Manzanillo's Museo Histórico Municipal, whilst the Iglesia de la Purisma Concepción is a neoclassical beauty from 1805, with an impressive gilded altarpiece.

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1. Museo Histórico Municipal

0.06 MILES

On the eastern side of Parque Céspedes, Manzanillo's Museo Histórico Municipal gives the usual local history lesson with a revolutionary twist.

2. City Bank of NY Building


For an example of the city's striking architecture, check out the old City Bank of NY building from 1913.

3. Celia Sánchez Monument

0.27 MILES

Seven blocks southwest of the park lies Manzanillo's most evocative sight. Built in 1990, this terracotta-tiled staircase embellished with colorful…

4. Criadero de Cocodrilos

5.43 MILES

The nearby Cauto River delta is home to a growing number of wild crocodiles, so it's no surprise to encounter one of Cuba's half dozen or so crocodile…

5. Museo Histórico La Demajagua

5.67 MILES

Ten kilometers south of Manzanillo is the moving sight of the sugar estate of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, whose outcry, known as Grito de Yara, and the…

6. Yara

11.91 MILES

A small town amid vast fields of sugarcane, Yara is barely mentioned in most travel literature, but several important chapters of Cuban history took place…

7. Laguna de Leonero

19.34 MILES

This algae-filled natural lake in the Cauto River delta, 40km northwest of Bayamo, is loaded with memorable fly-fishing possibilities. Black bass is the…

8. Celia Sánchez Museum

24.73 MILES

In the village of Media Luna, this museum honors the life of Celia Sánchez, Fidel's right-hand woman during the war in the mountains and for many years…