Presa El Abra

Where have all the folk from Nueva Gerona gone? Gone to cool off in Presa El Abra, every one. On a scalding La Isla afternoon, you'd best join them. With verdant shores (perfect for picnics), this wide presa (reservoir) has a shaded outdoor restaurant, plus various craft for aquatic shenanigans, including kayaks (CUC$1.50 per hour) and aquatic bicycles (CUC$3 per hour).

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1. Museo Finca el Abra

1.23 MILES

On October 17, 1870, the teenage José Martí spent nine weeks of exile at this farm-prison before his deportation to Spain. Legend has it that the…

2. Museo Casa Natal Jesús Montané

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This museum documents the life of revolutionary Jesús Montané, who was born here, took part in the Moncada Barracks attack in 1953, fought alongside Fidel…

3. Museo Municipal

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In the former Casa de Gobierno (1853), the Museo Municipal houses a small historical collection that romps through the best of the island's past. It…

4. Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

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On the northwest side of Parque Guerrillero Heroico, this dinky, Mexican colonial-style church was built in 1929, after the original was destroyed by a…

5. El Pinero


Two blocks east of Parque Guerrillero Heroico, you'll see a huge black-and-white ferry set up as a tatty memorial next to the river. This is El Pinero,…

6. Presidio Modelo

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Welcome to the island's most impressive yet depressing sight. Located near Reparto Chacón, 5km east of Nueva Gerona, this striking prison was built…

7. Playa Paraíso

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About 2km north of Chacón (about 6km northeast of Nueva Gerona), Playa Paraíso is a dirty brown beach with good currents for water sports. The wharf was…

8. Cementerio Colombia

6.04 MILES

The cemetery here contains the graves of Americans who lived and died on the island during the 1920s and 1930s. It's about 7km east of Nueva Gerona and…