La Presa de Florencia

Ciego de Ávila Province

The Florencia area's focal point is an artificial lake called La Presa de Florencia, formed when a dam was built on the Río Chambas in 1991. The lake and its surrounding hills are unexpectedly beautiful and little visited by non-Cubans.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ciego de Ávila Province attractions

1. Museo Municipal de Chambas

3.56 MILES

Contains pre-Columbian artifacts from the nearby Los Buchillones archaeological site. The museum is in the town of Chambas, 10km northeast of Florencia.

2. Parque Nacional Caguanes

14.59 MILES

Strict conservation measures mean public access to Parque Nacional Caguanes with its caves, aboriginal remains and flamingos is limited but not impossible…

3. Los Buchillones

17.88 MILES

Tucked away on Ciego de Ávila Province's northwest coastline, this significant archaeological site was originally excavated during the 1980s after…

4. Jobo Rosado

18.12 MILES

This 40-sq-km managed-resource area is still little-explored by independent travelers, although organized groups come here. Organize guided hikes through…

5. Laguna de la Leche

19.3 MILES

Laguna de la Leche (Milk Lake), named for its reflective underwater lime deposits, is Cuba's largest natural lake (66 sq km). Its water content is a…

6. Cockerel

19.6 MILES

Morón is famous for its emblematic cockerel, which stands guard on a roundabout opposite the Hotel Morón on the southern edge of town. It's named after a …

7. Parque Agramonte

19.61 MILES

Small park in the northern part of Morón with a small church and an old theater. The access road to Laguna de la Leche branches north from here.

8. Museo Caonabo

19.68 MILES

In among the teeming sidewalks and peeling colonnades, this well-laid-out museum of history and archaeology is housed in Morón's former bank, an…