Moncada Museum

Top choice in Santiago de Cuba

The museum inside the Cuartel Moncada is the best in town and one of the best in Cuba. Sometimes gory exhibits catalogue the details of the 1953 attack by Fidel Castro on the barracks, and always the narrative skews to revolutionary glory.

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1. Cuartel Moncada

0.07 MILES

Santiago's famous Moncada Barracks, a crenelated art deco building completed in 1938, is now synonymous with one of history's greatest failed putsches…

2. Palacio de Justicia

0.09 MILES

On the opposite side of the street to Parque Histórico Abel Santamaría, this court building was taken by fighters led by Raúl Castro during the Moncada…

3. Parque Histórico Abel Santamaría

0.13 MILES

This is the site of the former Saturnino Lora Civil Hospital, stormed by Abel Santamaría and 60 others on that fateful July day (they were later tortured…

4. Plaza de Marte

0.31 MILES

Guarding the entrance to the casco histórico, motorcycle-infested Plaza de Marte formerly served as a macabre 19th-century Spanish parade ground where…

5. Memorial de Vilma Espín Guillois

0.49 MILES

This erstwhile home of Cuba's former 'first lady,' Vilma Espín, the wife of Raúl Castro, and instrumental force in the success of the Cuban Revolution,…

6. Plaza de Dolores

0.54 MILES

East of Parque Céspedes is the pleasant and shady Plaza de Dolores, a former marketplace now dominated by the 18th-century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de…

7. Casa Museo de Frank y Josué País

0.57 MILES

Integral to the success of the revolution, the young País brothers organized the underground section of the M-26-7 (26th of July Movement) in Santiago de…

8. Palacio Provincial

0.62 MILES

Situated opposite the Bacardí Museum, the equally Hellenic provincial government seat is another building from Cuba's 20th-century neoclassical revival…