Arechabala Rum Factory

Matanzas Province

To the northwest of the center of Cárdenas, in the industrial zone, is this famous rum factory founded in 1878 by Spanish immigrant José Arechabala. Arechabala concocted Havana Club, Cuba's second most iconic rum (after Bacardí), until the family business was requisitioned by the Cuban government in 1959. Arechabala left for the US, but failed to register the Havana Club trademark, which was picked up by the Cuban government in 1976.

Arechabala (and its international partner Bacardí) were entangled in a long trademark dispute with the Cuban government and partner Pernod Ricard over the rights to sell Havana Club in the US, an argument that has yet to be fully rectified. The factory still operates but is now called the José Antonio Echeverría Distillery. No tours are available.

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