Ston & Mali Ston

The closest beach to Ston, this gem of a bay has a sandy shore and clear, calm waters, making it a hit with local families. It's located 4km southwest of Ston, near the ferry to Mljet.

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1. Solana Ston

1.71 MILES

Salt has been harvested in Ston since Roman times and these particular salt pans have operated in much the same way for over 700 years. An introductory…

2. Ston Walls

1.75 MILES

Famous architects, including Juraj Dalmatinac (best known for Šibenik Cathedral), were involved in the design and construction of Ston's extraordinary…

3. Lapidarium

1.76 MILES

Housed in the 1572 bishop's palace, this one-room museum displays fragments of medieval interlace stonework recovered from various former churches. There…

4. Šipan

12.39 MILES

At 16 sq km Šipan is the largest of the Elafiti Islands and was a favourite with the Dubrovnik aristocracy, who built houses here. Most ferries dock in…

5. Roman Palace

15.32 MILES

It's hard to miss this impressive structure on the Polače waterfront; it's so large that the road now passes through the centre of it. Built around the…

6. Grgić Vina

15.32 MILES

Perched dramatically on a headland above the pretty village of Trstenik, this impressive winery is run by the family of Napa Valley winemaker Mike Grgich…

7. Franciscan Monastery

16.04 MILES

The first sight of Lopud when sailing into the harbour, this beautiful 15th-century complex has an immense seawall and 30m-high bell tower. The monastery…

8. Mljet National Park

16.09 MILES

Covering 5400 hectares of land and sea at the western end of the island of Mljet, this national park offers shady walking and cycling tracks, a ruggedly…