Central & Eastern Istria

The setting, down in a verdant valley by a bubbling river, and the striking architecture of its tasting room make this Istria's most impressive winery to visit. Various 'wine experiences' are on offer, including tastings and winery tours (price on application) – or you can just call in to buy a bottle of the signature muscat, malvazija, sauvignon blanc or teran.

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2. Fonticus Gallery

4.48 MILES

Housed in a 1597 building which once served as a court, prison and granary, the town's main gallery promotes recent works of mainly Croatian artists…

3. Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

5.18 MILES

This 750-hectare saltpan-studded area, criss-crossed with dikes and channels, has a wealth of birdlife – 290 species have been recorded here.

4. Simon's Bay

6.88 MILES

The best beach close to Izola is at Simon’s Bay, about 1.5km to the southwest. It has a grassy area for sunbathing.

5. Church of St Mary of Haliaetum

7.03 MILES

This central church dates from around the latter 11th century and has been lovingly restored. It has no set opening times, but is generally left open…

6. Manzioli House

7.03 MILES

The Venetian Gothic Manzioli House was built in 1470 and was the residence of an Istrian chronicler in the 16th century. Today it houses the bureau…

7. Municipal Palace

7.03 MILES

On Veliki trg is the Municipal Palace, which now houses offices of the local council. It was built in Gothic style in 1325; but the present baroque facade…

8. Forma Viva

7.07 MILES

Perched atop the Seča Peninsula south of town (beyond the marina), Forma Viva is an outdoor sculpture garden with some 130 works carved in stone. The real…