Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

Slovenian Coast

This 750-hectare saltpan-studded area, criss-crossed with dikes and channels, has a wealth of birdlife – 290 species have been recorded here.

It’s important to note that there are two sections of the park: the main (north) part is at Lera, just south of Seča and off the main road from Portorož. The south part is at Fontanigge, right on the border with Croatia; to reach it you must pass through Slovenian immigration and customs, so don’t forget your passport.

The Lera and Fontanigge sections are not connected – they are separated by the Drnica Channel, and different entrances must be used for each. You can get around each section on bike or foot. The area was once a hive of salt-making activity and was one of the biggest money-spinners on the coast in the Middle Ages.

Lera, where salt is still harvested using traditional methods, is home to a multimedia visitor centre and cafe. It also has a shop selling Piranske Soline salt products (cooking salt and beauty products; Lera is also home to the Lepa Vida spa, away to the north in an oasis of calm.

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