Rovinj City Museum


Housed in a 17th-century baroque palace, this museum displays temporary exhibitions on the ground floor, 20th-century and contemporary art on the 1st floor, and 16th- to 19th-century works on the top floor. Croatian artists are well represented, along with Venetian luminaries such as Jacopo Bassano.

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1. Balbi Arch

0.02 MILES

This elaborate arch was built in 1679 as the main town gate. The top of the arch is ornamented with a Turkish head on the outside and a Venetian head on…

2. Batana Ecomuseum

0.08 MILES

This tiny museum is dedicated to the batana, a flat-bottomed fishing boat that stands as a symbol of Rovinj’s seafaring and fishing traditions. Although…

3. Grisia

0.11 MILES

Lined with galleries and souvenir stores, this cobbled street leads uphill through the old town to St Euphemia. Windows, balconies, portals and squares…

4. St Euphemia's Church

0.17 MILES

Built from 1725 to 1736, this imposing structure – the largest baroque church in Istria – dominates Rovinj from its hilltop location in the middle of the…

5. Golden Cape Forest Park

1.08 MILES

Covered in oak and pine groves and boasting 10 species of cypress, this verdant expanse was established in 1890 by Baron Hütterott, an Austrian admiral…

6. Sveti Nikola

10.03 MILES

The island of Sveti Nikola lies just short of 500m south of the peninsula. From May to October small passenger boats make the crossing from the wharf on…

7. Round Tower

10.18 MILES

One of the city's Venetian-era towers; it once guarded the southeastern section of the city.

8. Pentagonal Tower

10.21 MILES

One of the Venetian towers, flanking the main entrance to the old town.