Central & Eastern Istria

This winery, 12km northeast of Poreč, produces some of Istria's finest reds and whites. Its malvazija is of particularly high quality, and it also produces chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. Call ahead for a tasting session.

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Nearby Central & Eastern Istria attractions

1. Geržinić

1.84 MILES

This award-winning winery in the hamlet of Ohnići, 14km northeast of Poreč, has been in the same family for a century. It cultivates 10 hectares of…

2. Baredine Cave

2.35 MILES

Within easy reach of Poreč, Baredine Cave has subterranean chambers with stalagmites and stalactites. The standard admission is by way of a 30-minute…

4. Fonticus Gallery

5.75 MILES

Housed in a 1597 building which once served as a court, prison and granary, the town's main gallery promotes recent works of mainly Croatian artists…

5. Northern Tower

6.55 MILES

A ruined Venetian tower, located in the northeast corner of the old town.

6. Euphrasian Basilica

6.58 MILES

Top billing in Poreč goes to the 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica, a World Heritage Site and one of Europe’s finest intact examples of Byzantine art. Built…

7. Pentagonal Tower

6.59 MILES

One of the Venetian towers, flanking the main entrance to the old town.

8. Round Tower

6.64 MILES

One of the city's Venetian-era towers; it once guarded the southeastern section of the city.