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The Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde (Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve) is the most famous one, but there are public and private properties of all shapes and sizes – from tiny family fincas (farms) to the vast Bosque Eterno de los Niños (Children’s Eternal Rainforest) – that blanket this whole area in luscious green. As a result, there are trails to hike, birds to spot, waterfalls to swim and adventures to be had at every turn.

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Monteverde Rain Forest Night Walk

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Johnny Loves Nature Eco Tours, Monteverde, Province of Puntarenasslepping bird, loth, snacks and foret at nightDuration: 2 hoursStop At: Johnny Loves Nature Eco Tours, Monteverde, Province of PuntarenasWe will look for local Nocturnal wild-life like sloth, sleeping bird, spiders, snacks and moreDuration: 2 hours

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Monteverde 100% Aventura Park: Zipline, Superman, Tarzan Swing

After hotel pickup in Monteverde, head to 100% Aventura, one of Costa Rica's most popular adventure parks due to its variety and intensity of activities. Your canopy tour provides a combination of experiences in the rainforest across a total of 10 zipline cables, one rope bridge, one rappel, one buggy ride, and two Superman cables, one of which is 1.2 miles (2 km) long, making it the longest and highest in Latin America. You'll end on a high note, literally, with the Mega Tarzan Swing, 148 feet (45 meters) in the air. When your time at the park is up, you'll be returned to your hotel for drop-off.

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Monteverde Rainforest Canopy Tour with Ziplines and Rappelling

Your tour begins in the primary, old growth forest and moves you to the recent growth of the secondary forest, offering a unique view of cloud forest in its various life stages. As you fly by, listen closely for the variety of birds that can be seen and heard throughout our private preserve.Become one with the canopy as you get your blood pumping with a 150 ft drop down to the forest floor by rappel. And just when you think the adventure has ended, you will experience a unique ladder system leads you back up through the hollow of an enormous tree, returning you once again to the excitement of this wondrous forest.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Tour with Butterfly Garden, Ziplines

Selvatura Park is one of the longest canopy tours in Costa Rica and the only canopy tour located inside the Monteverde Cloud Forest.You can start the tour by soaring on 15 cables across 18 platforms with an optional Tarzan Swing at the end.  For a more low-key experience, you can walk on eight different bridges with varying lengths ranging from 150 to 510 feet, at heights ranging between 36 and 180 feet. Enjoy a guided walk inside one of the world’s largest live butterfly exhibitions, in an area spread across more 29,000 square feet. This community gathers more than 20 species of butterflies, and you'll learn about their lifecycle and distinct abilities and behaviors that have helped them evolve through thousands of years. You'll also be able to see more than 100 beautiful hummingbirds, from 14 different hummingbird species, buzzing around you. Their incredible aerial maneuvers and bright lively colors make for a photographer's treat. 

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Selvatura Park Hanging Bridge Canopy Tour in Monteverde

The Tree Top Walkways consist of a 1.9 mile (approximately 3km) trail that crosses through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Here, you will walk on eight different bridges with various lengths ranging between 150 feet (50 meters) up to 510 feet (170 meters) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet (12 meters) up to 180 feet (60 meters). Each bridge has a width of five feet, the widest bridges in Costa Rica, and also a capacity of up to 80 people per bridge making them both the longest and strongest bridge systems in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The Tree Top Walkways are suitable for people of all ages, with the duration of the hike usually taking between 1.5 and 2 hours.

$35 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Coffee, Chocolate and Sugar Cane Tour in Monteverde

Coffee TourThe tour begins with a brief insight into the wonderful world of coffee followed by the history of Costa Rican coffee and its importance in the socio-economic development. The tour starts with an introduction to the life cycle of a coffee plant starting with the coffee seed itself and taking a look at its fascinating evolutionary cycle.Coffee Picking: You will learn about the ways that the coffee cherries are picked, the lifestyle of the workers that carry out this task, their stories and the immigration that occurs during the harvest season. When the coffee cherries are ready to be picked (from November to February) this activity can be performed by the visitors.De-pulping Machine: You will get to see the way the pulp of the coffee cherry was traditionally removed, the washing process of the mucilage that is found underneath the pulp and the separation of the first class coffee beans from the rest.The Drying Patio: The hot and dry climate allows the coffee beans to be spread out on a large, cement patio in order to dry naturally under the sun.The Warehouse and the Coffee Roaster: In the warehouse the coffee beans are stored in big, fiber sacks allowing the beans to breathe and complete their aging process.  The selection of coffee beans, the roasting process and the final packaging of the Don Juan coffee is also carried out here.A Ride in a Typical Ox Cart: You will get the option to take a ride in a typical ox cart experiencing the exact way ancestors use to travel“La Casona” Restaurant: On returning to the main building you will get the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee accompanied by a typical Costa Rican snack.Chocolate TourOn the tour you will be completely immersed for 30 minutes within the world of chocolate enjoying its delicious aromas and learning about its history. You will participate in the chocolate making process and have the opportunity to taste the fruit of the cacao and observe how the small cocoa beans are magically converted into a rich tasting chocolate drink.  You will get an insight into the traditional methods that ancestors used to roast the beans, separate the husks and grind the beans.  At the end of the tour you can enjoy the taste of the chocolate you’ve made in a variety of forms; liquid chocolate, plain chocolate, spiced chocolate and of course, coffee chocolate. Sugar Cane TourHere you will learn about the historical reason why many farmers had sugarcane mills on their farms.  Together you will extract the sugarcane the traditional way and then enjoy a glass of pure sugar cane juice as well as a few pieces of the cane itself.

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