Sports in Tilarán

Vuelta al Lago Arenal

They say that it’s virtually impossible to circumnavigate the lake. But they have never participated in the Vuelta al Lago Arenal, an annual event in March, when some 4000 cyclists do just that. It takes two days – …
Cultural in Reserva Indígena Boruca

Fiesta de los Diablitos

This raucous three-day festival, held in Boruca (December 30 to January 2) and Curré (February 5 to 8), symbolizes the historical struggle between the Spanish and the indigenous population. Villagers wearing wooden …
Art in Uvita

Envision Festival

Four days of spoken word, music, yoga, performance art, permaculture, dreadlocks and DJs happen in Uvita in late February for the 'Costa Rican Burning Man' festival. Attendees set up camp in a jungle setting near th…
Fair in Uvita

Whale and Dolphin Festival

Tens of thousands descend on Uvita for this two-weekend oceanic extravaganza celebrating the arrival of humpback whales, which give birth in Costa Rican waters. Visitors take boat tours to view the marine mammals an…
Sports in Playa Hermosa

National Surfing Championship

If you don’t think you can hack it with the aspiring pros, you might want to give the surf on this beach a miss. However, consider stopping by in late July or late August, when local pro surfers descend for the annu…
Cultural in San José

Día del Boyero

On the second Sunday of March, Escazú holds this popular event honoring Costa Rica's boyeros (oxcart drivers). Dozens of attendees from all over the country decorate traditional, brightly painted carts and form a co…
Cultural in Puerto Limón

Día de la Raza

When the city can afford it, Puerto Limón celebrates Día de la Raza with a boisterous week of Carnaval festivities, including live music, dancing and a big Saturday parade. During this time, book hotels in advance.
Cultural in San José

Las Fiestas de Zapote

Between Christmas and New Year, this week-long celebration of all things Costa Rican draws tens of thousands of Ticos to the bullring in the suburb of Zapote, just southeast of San José.
Cultural in Palmares

Fiestas de Palmares

This 13-day beer-soaked extravaganza has been running for more than 30 years. It features carnival rides, a tope (horse parade), fireworks, big-name bands, small-name bands, exotic dancers, fried food, guaro (a loca…
Cultural in Barva

Feria de la Mascarada

Every year the city hosts the Feria de la Mascarada, a tradition with roots in the colonial era. Participants don massive colorful masks (some weighing 20kg), and gather to dance and parade around the town square. D…