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Central Valley & Highlands

The twin spires of the ash-gray Iglesia de San Ramón tower over this pretty square at the center of town.

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1. San Ramón Regional Museum

0.04 MILES

On the northern edge of San Ramón park, this informative museum run by the University of San Ramón accounts the cultural heritage of the area with a…

3. Bosque Nuboso El Cocora

8.05 MILES

This short trail around a nice garden is a pretty, if a little pricey, place to stretch your legs on the way to the high cloud forest or Lands in Love…

4. Parque Francisco Alvarado

8.53 MILES

In front of the Church of San Rafael, this park was a normal plaza until the 1960s, when a gardener named Evangelisto Blanco became inspired to shave the…

5. Jardín Botánico Else Kientzler

8.72 MILES

This well-tended botanical garden 400m north of Sarchí stadium has 2km of trails winding through more than 2000 types of clearly labeled plants, including…

6. Monumento al Boyero

9.77 MILES

This iron monument welcomes visitors to Atenas while honoring the Costa Rican oxcart driver. It's 1km before Atenas on the north side of the road.

7. Catedral de la Mercedes

10.9 MILES

At the heart of town you’ll find the incredibly quaint Catedral de la Mercedes, a red metal structure that was prefabricated in Belgium and shipped to…

8. Rock Bridge

11.36 MILES

About 5km south of Grecia, a bend in the road leads to an 18th-century rock bridge connecting the hamlets of Puente de Piedra and Rincón de Salas. Locals…