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Art and culture

This might be the world’s most sustainable music and wellness event

4 min readPublished Jan 13, 2020

Gaining a reputation as one of the world’s greenest festivals, the Envision Festival is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as a gathering for music, yoga and a variety of wellness and socially-conscious activities.

Elaborate stages and light shows make the music experience even better at the Envision Festival © EZEQUIEL BECERRA/AFP via Getty Images
Adventure travel

Go out on a limb: Costa Rica's best tree houses

4 min readPublished May 13, 2016

Sleeping in a tree house is the best, maybe because it is something different, or maybe because the human subconscious understands that a few million…

Go out on a limb: Costa Rica's best tree houses
Adventure travel

Traveling Costa Rica with kids

7 min readPublished Apr 11, 2016

Costa Rica is a family travel playground, specializing in big adventures guaranteed to get your kid’s heart pumping; whether you are zipping through the…

Traveling Costa Rica with kids