Greentique Wildlife Refuge

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio & Around

Biologist Jimmy Mata leads magical one- and two-hour sojourns through the Butterfly Atrium, Reptile & Amphibian Water Gardens and Crocodile Lagoon, as well as a night tour, in this 12-acre haven of second-growth Pacific coast wet forest. Sloths, monkeys, baby crocodiles, armadillos and coatis are among the mammals you might see from the forest floor to the dripping canopy. Across from Sí Como No Resort.

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1. Playa Espadilla

0.69 MILES

This wide stretch of white sand is found just outside the park entrance, in front of Manuel Antonio village. It's a popular place for families and beach…

2. La Playita

0.79 MILES

At the far western end of Playa Espadilla, beyond a rocky headland (wear sandals), this former nude beach remains one of Costa Rica's most famous gay…

3. Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

1.23 MILES

Featuring lush jungle, picture-perfect beaches and craggy headlands, this tiny park (1680 acres/680 hectares) absolutely brims with wildlife (and often…

4. Playa Espadilla Sur

1.44 MILES

A half-hour hike from the park entrance, the exposed Playa Espadilla Sur is to the north of Punta Catedral and gorgeous with pinch-me scenes of white sand…

5. Punta Catedral

1.68 MILES

Geography fun fact: this isthmus, which is the centerpiece of the park, is called a tombolo and was formed by the accumulation of sand between the…

6. Playa Manuel Antonio

1.71 MILES

With its turquoise waters, this lovely forest-backed beach fronts a deep bay, sheltered by the Punta Catedral on the west side and a promontory on the…

7. Turtle Trap

1.77 MILES

At the western end of Playa Manuel Antonio you can see a semicircle of rocks at low tide. Archaeologists believe that these were arranged by pre-Columbian…

8. Playa Puerto Escondido

1.95 MILES

Visitors may visit a lookout over this gorgeous horseshoe-shaped beach, but the access point via the Sendero Puerto Escondido was closed indefinitely in…