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Providencia, 56 miles (90km) north of San Andrés, is a wonderfully remote and traditional Caribbean island with breathtaking scenery, gorgeous golden-sand beaches, friendly locals and superb diving. Best of all, it's a pain to get to, ensuring that you'll only have to share this slice of paradise with the other intrepid travelers happy to fly here in a rickety 20-seater plane or brave the often-rough three-hour catamaran ride.

Without a direct connection to the Colombian mainland, Providencia hasn't seen nearly the same levels of cultural invasion as San Andrés, leaving its traditions and customs more or less intact. You'll still hear the local English Creole spoken all over the island, and road signs direct you using the old English colonial town names rather than their Spanish counterparts. All this, combined with beautiful topography standing sentinel over swaths of turquoise-blue sea, gives Providencia no small claim to being a quirky paradise.

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