Reserva Natural Paway Mariposario

Cali & Southwest Colombia

This small nature reserve covers 13 hectares of rainforest beside a rushing river. In addition to a butterfly enclosure and a trail through primary forest, there's a rehabilitation program for macaws and a group of resident turtles. It's about a 15-minute walk from the bridge on the main road, with a fairly steep hill toward the end. A colectivo from Mocoa costs COP$5000 while a taxi is around COP$14,000.

Admission includes a guided tour and access to a natural pool where you can cool off. If you want to stay there are some basic rooms (COP$160,000) in a fantastic tree house at the top of a 30m-high ceiba. It's not for everyone – the 'shower' is a spigot and a bucket and your ablutions are only semi-private, but the setting is incredible. Ivan and Mildred are attentive hosts who can arrange jungle hikes.

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