Cueva del Esplendor

Top choice cave in Jardín

Located at 2200m amid beautiful landscapes, this spectacular cave has a 10m waterfall gushing through a large hole in the roof and is Jardín's most famous attraction. The cave is only accessible by foot along muddy, sometimes-narrow mountain paths. The entrance is around a three-hour hike from Jardín, and since 2017 there's been a daily limit of 40 visitors to prevent further damage to the cave. Only one operator is now allowed to lead hiking tours; book ahead.

The cascade begins about 70m above the entrance, falling in various stages before pouring into a small pool at the bottom of the cave, throwing up clouds of mist. It's possible to take a dip but the water is ice-cold. Note that from the access point it's a 20-minute walk down a steep path to the cave, so visitors need some dexterity.

Expect to pay around COP$70,000 per person for the guided trek, including a traditional lunch.