Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

From Cabo San Juan del Guía a scenic path goes inland and uphill to the small indigenous village of Pueblito, providing some splendid tropical-forest scenery and getting you to Pueblito in 1½ hours. In the tranquil village you can see traditional houses and various sites sacred to residents, making for an interesting change of pace from the beach.

The path from Cabo San Juan del Guía is definitely more challenging than others in the park – the majority of the uphill climb is over stones, some of them massive. It's not an easy trail, and you can forget about it when it rains or if you have a large pack. You can hire a guide for the walk in Cabo San Juan del Guía from COP$50,000. It's also possible to reach Pueblito from the main road at the Calabazo entrance, from where it's a two-hour hike.

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