Come here to observe fishmongers selling local gamitana and pirarucú fish, buy fresh fruit and veggies and browse a limited selection of local handicrafts. Some low-key food stalls are here also.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Leticia attractions

1. Centro de Interpretación Natütama

0.06 MILES

The Centro de Interpretación Natütama has a fascinating museum with nearly 100 life-sized wood carvings of Amazonian flora and fauna. There’s also a small…

2. Museo Etnográfico Amazónico

0.12 MILES

This little museum has a small but thorough collection of indigenous artifacts. Learn about malocas (ancestral longhouses) and chagras (indigenous…

3. Parque Santander

0.24 MILES

A visit to Leticia's central square, which is filled with some fairly bizarre civic art and sculpture, is best made just before sunset when you can…

4. Mundo Amazónico

5.04 MILES

This 29-hectare reserve works as a center for environmental education and makes for a great place to get to know something of the plants, trees and…

5. Nature Reserve Tupana Arü Ü

24.12 MILES

This nature reserve is deep in the rainforest, a 3km hike from the hamlet of La Libertad on the banks of the Amazon, where you'll be dropped off after an…

6. Reserva Natural Palmarí

24.47 MILES

About 105km by river from Leticia, eco-fierce Palmarí's rambling lodge and research center sits on the south (Brazilian) bank of the river, overlooking a…

7. Reserva Natural Palmarí

24.49 MILES

This magical slice of rainforest is both a reserve and a research center working closely with local indigenous communities to promote ecotourism. Its…