Xiaoying Island


Wooden cruise boats shuttle visitors from a number of points on the banks of West Lake to the Mid-Lake Pavilion and Xiaoying Island, which has a fine central pavilion and ‘nine-turn’ causeway. From the island you can look over at the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, a string of three small towers in the water, each of which has five holes that release shafts of candlelight on the night of the Mooncake Festival in autumn.

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1. Three Pools Mirroring the Moon

0.12 MILES

From Xiaoying Island, you can look over at Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, three small towers in the water on the southern side of the island; each has…

2. Mid-Lake Pavilion

0.52 MILES

A Ming dynasty Chinese pavilion sits on this small islet in the West Lake. Many of the cruise boats pass close by it, but it's not accessible to tourists.

3. Leifeng Pagoda

0.55 MILES

Topped with a golden spire, the eye-catching Leifeng Pagoda can be climbed for fine views of the lake. The original pagoda, built in AD 977, collapsed in…

4. Red Carp Pond

0.56 MILES

Home to a few thousand red carp, just west of the Su Causeway.

5. Jingci Temple


The serene yet monastically active Chan (Zen) Jingci Temple was built in AD 954 and has been fully restored. The splendid first hall contains the massive,…

6. West Lake

0.83 MILES

The very definition of classical beauty in China, West Lake is utterly mesmerising: pagoda-topped hills rise over willow-lined waters as boats drift…

7. Taiziwan Park

0.85 MILES

This exquisite and serene park just south of the Su Causeway off West Lake offers quiet walks among lush woodland, ponds, lakes, rose gardens and lawns…

8. Zhejiang Provincial Museum

0.91 MILES

Connected to West Lake’s northern shores by the Bai Causeway is Gushan Island ( 孤山, Gū Shān), the lake’s largest island and the site of the modest…