Tiger Leaping Gorge

Vantage point over Tiger Leaping Gorge.

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1. Tiger Leaping Gorge

3.04 MILES

Scenic spot where a tiger is said to have leaped across the river, thus giving the gorge its name.

3. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

11.65 MILES

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain soars to some 5596m, and the massif's thirteen peaks dominate the skyline of the surrounding regions. Undeniably beautiful, the…

4. Jade Peak Monastery

16.63 MILES

This small peaceful monastery at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was established in 1756. Once home to Kublai Khan during his military travels…

5. Dabaoji Palace

19.39 MILES

The main historical draw of Baisha is the impressive collection of frescoes located inside the small complex, the earliest of which date to 1385. In…

6. Báishuǐtái

19.6 MILES

Baishuitai is a series of limestone travertines around 108km southeast of Shangri-la, with some breathtaking scenery and Tibetan villages en route. For…

7. Tea Horse Road Museum

22.48 MILES

Exhibits here are heavy on artefacts and historic photos of the Tea Horse Road era, but light on English signage. The main reason to visit is the building…

8. Museum of Dongba Culture

24.08 MILES

The Museum of Dongba Culture houses displays on Naxi dress and culture, Dongba pictographic script, Lijiang's old town and the dubious claim that the…