Museum of Dongba Culture


The Museum of Dongba Culture houses displays on Naxi dress and culture, Dongba pictographic script, Lijiang's old town and the dubious claim that the region is the 'real' Shangri-la; it's worth a visit if you're passing by. Find it just outside Black Dragon Pool Park's northern entrance.

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Nearby Lijiang attractions

1. Black Dragon Pool Park

0.27 MILES

On the northern edge of town is Black Dragon Pool Park; the view from here of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is an obligatory photo stop in southwestern China…

2. Dongba Cultural Institute

0.35 MILES

The Dongba Cultural Institute is part of a renovated complex on the hillside north of the old town. Here you can see Naxi cultural artefacts and scrolls…

3. Waterwheel

0.76 MILES

This wooden waterwheel is a popular photo op.

4. Lijiang Old Town

0.91 MILES

The old town is centred on busy and touristy Old Market Square, with the Waterwheel defining the northern edge and the lively Zhongyi Market marking the…

6. Lion Hill

1.11 MILES

Towering over the west side of Lijiang's Old Town, Lion Hill's 23 hectares of park land are a pleasant diversion. The obvious high point is the panoramic…

7. Puxian Temple

1.16 MILES

This pleasant little temple at the heart of the old town is among the best-preserved in Lijiang. Look for signs off of Chongren Alley near the Wanzi…

8. Wàngǔ Lóu

1.17 MILES

At the peak of the park atop Lion Hill – views of Lijiang from here are unbeatable. Take a moment as well to admire the 1st-floor reproductions of Dongba…