Dabaoji Palace


The main historical draw of Baisha is the impressive collection of frescoes located inside the small complex, the earliest of which date to 1385. In addition to those that line the walls of the palace, look for those in the Liuli Temple (琉璃殿, Liúlí Diàn) and Dading Pavilion (大定阁, Dàdìng Gé), which are inside the same complex.

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Nearby Yunnan attractions

1. Jade Peak Monastery

2.81 MILES

This small peaceful monastery at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was established in 1756. Once home to Kublai Khan during his military travels…

2. Tea Horse Road Museum

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Exhibits here are heavy on artefacts and historic photos of the Tea Horse Road era, but light on English signage. The main reason to visit is the building…

3. Museum of Dongba Culture

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4. Black Dragon Pool Park

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On the northern edge of town is Black Dragon Pool Park; the view from here of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is an obligatory photo stop in southwestern China…

5. Dongba Cultural Institute

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The Dongba Cultural Institute is part of a renovated complex on the hillside north of the old town. Here you can see Naxi cultural artefacts and scrolls…

6. Waterwheel

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This wooden waterwheel is a popular photo op.

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