Heshun Library


Constructed in the 1920s and funded entirely by donations from overseas Heshun residents looking to give back to their community, the local library holds over 70,000 books. It's directly across from the main entrance to Heshun.

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1. Laifeng Shan National Forest Park

1.57 MILES

On the southwestern edge of town, walk through the lush pine forests of this park to Laifeng Temple or make the sweaty hike on any number of dirt and…

2. Laifeng Temple

1.76 MILES

Surrounded by lush pine forest, this Buddhist temple on the edge of Laifeng Shan National Forest Park feels like a secluded sanctuary yet remains a hub of…

3. Dieshuihe Waterfall

1.86 MILES

On the western edge of town, this large park is a pleasant place for a stroll or a picnic. Just inside the entrance is the small Xianle Temple (仙乐观,…

4. National Memorial Cemetery

1.86 MILES

This touching cemetery and museum is dedicated to the soldiers who fought and died to defend Yunnan during World War II, including those fighting on…

5. Sea of Heat

4.52 MILES

A steamy collection of hot springs, geysers and streams (but no actual sea), located about 12km southwest of Tengchong. The cost of admission allows you…

6. Volcano Park

13.93 MILES

Hike to the top of Tengchong's dormant volcanoes and peer down into the former inferno; it's all very verdant now, but the view's still nice. Though on a…

7. Yúnfēng Shān

25.2 MILES

Dotted with 17th-century temples and monastic retreats, Taoist holy mountain Yunfeng Shan is 47km north of Tengchong. It’s possible to take a cable car…