Xiányáng City Museum

Museum in Xī'ān

More than 2000 years ago Xiányáng was the capital of the Qin dynasty. These days, it’s just a dusty satellite of Xī’ān. Its chief attraction is this museum, which houses a remarkable collection of 3000 50cm-tall terracotta soldiers and horses, excavated from the tomb of Liu Bang, the first Han emperor, in 1965. Set in an attractive courtyard, the museum also has bronze and jade exhibits and good English captions.

Show your passport for free entry. Buses run every 15 minutes to Xiányáng (¥10, one hour) from Xī’ān’s long-distance bus station. Ask to be dropped off at the museum. To get back to Xī’ān, just flag down buses going in the opposite direction.