Former Sassoon Mansion


Set in lush green grounds, this historic house (building No 1 of the Cypress Hotel) was Victor Sassoon's bolthole villa in west Shanghai.

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1. Qībǎo


If you tire of Shanghai's incessant quest for modernity, this tiny town is only a hop, skip and metro ride away. An ancient settlement that prospered…

2. Catholic Church

2.65 MILES

Visit or take part in prayer at this splendid 1866 Catholic church in Qibao.

3. Soong Qingling Mausoleum

2.87 MILES

Despite the hard-edged communist layout, this green park is good for a stroll. Soong Qingling, wife of Dr Sun Yatsen (co-founder of the Republic of China)…

4. Legoland Discovery Centre

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Plans are in the works for Shanghai's own Legoland to open in 2022, but until then the Discovery Centre is more than enough to keep Lego fans happy. It…

5. Liu Haisu Art Museum

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The impressive Liu Haisu gallery exhibits works of the eponymous painter (one of China's earliest modern artists) and displays international contemporary…

6. Minsheng Art Museum

3.79 MILES

Although sponsored mainly by the Minsheng Bank, this edgy art space also counts the Tate, Centre Pompidou, MoMA and Guggenheim among its partners, so it…

7. Zhongshan Park

4.08 MILES

Called Jessfield Park by the British and today named after 'Father of the Nation' Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yatsen), this lovely park is located in the northeast…

8. Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall

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This memorial hall, within an historic Ming dynasty building in Guangqi Park, is dedicated to the life and works of 17th-century Shanghai scientist Xu…