Assembly Hall

Top choice buddhist site in Ganden Monastery

The recently renovated tsogchen (assembly hall) has statues of the 16 arhats (literally ‘worthy ones’) and two huge statues of Tsongkhapa (only visible from upstairs). Stairs lead up to the inner sanctum: the Ser Trikhang (Golden Throne Room), which houses the throne of Tsongkhapa. Pilgrims get thumped on the head here with the yellow hat of Tsongkhapa and the shoes of the 13th Dalai Lama.

On exiting the assembly hall there are two entrances on the northern side of the building. The western one gives access to a 2nd-floor view of two Tsongkhapa statues, and the eastern one houses a library (Tengyur Lhakhang). To the east is the main monastery kitchen.